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09.00 AM - 06.00 PM


Elephant Riding

Elephant Riding at Suanthai Elephant Camp is one of our exiting highlights where you would enjoy seeing the attractiveness of the nature.

Thai River Boat Tour

Horse Carriage

Horse Carriage is our service provided for tourists who will delight in atmosphere of Suanthai Pattaya.

Sightseeing Car Service

Sightseeing Car Service is a service conveniently provided for all tourists who can sightsee the atmosphere of the attractiveness of Suanthai Pattaya.

Thai River Boat is an ancient Thai boat, which is fascinating to sense a Thai riverside lifestyle.

Thai Cultural Show

Watching Thai Cultural Show is a recommended activity. You will be amazed with the magnificent show, which ispresented the beauty of Thai culture and traditions of 6 regions of Thailand.

Suanthai Pattaya City Zone

Sacred Pavilion

Sacred Pavilion is a worship place where you can worship famous statues of Buddha of 9 temples, Brahma and other gods.

Loy Kratong Festival Activities

Loy Kratong Festival Activity is a traditional Thai festival, which is for benediction and apology to Gonga which is the God of water in order to release your grief to the Kratong flowing on the river.

Suanthai Garden Gallery

Suanthai Garden Gallery is one of our beautiful places where you can relish to a lot of beautiful plants and flowers.

Rice Field

Rice Field is a green field which reflects Thai life style that has affiliated to growing rice for a long time.

Suanthai House

Suanthai House is a place where you can learn Thai life style from the history to the modern age.

Thai Rice Plantation

Thai Cultural Community

Thai Cultural Community is a highlight that you will be amazed with learning Thai folk wisdom from 6 regions of Thailand.

- Northern Thai Umbrella

- Thai Weave Craft

- Thai Coconut Pudding

- Thai Herbs

- Thai Clay Doll

Phaya Nagas and Waterfall

Phaya Nagas and Waterfall is a waterfall where you can spend time on the attractiveness of the waterfall and the King of Nagas.

Biggest Map of Thailand

You will enchant the Thai Biggest Map which is the biggest map in the world. The Biggest Map of Thailand, whose height is compared to 7-floor building, was decorated by 100,000-piece colorful glasses.

Songkran Festival Activities

Songkran Festival Activity is a well-known Thai festival. You can splash water and enjoy playing Songkran along the river.

King Bhumibol and His Enlightend Approach to Teaching New Theory of Agriculture to Sufficiency Economy for Sustainable Development

Fruit Garden

Fruit Garden is a garden where you can see the richness of several Thai orchards, which are considerably famous.

Suanthai Country Zone

Thai organic livestock farming